How to Maintain a Chainsaw – Learn How To Take Care of Your Buddy


I’m going to be showing you some tips on how to maintain a chainsaw properly.

Chainsaws are ideal for cutting, bucking, and pruning trees, but they are also dangerous and can cause serious or fatal injuries.

Even if newer models come with more PPE safety features, learning how to maintain a chainsaw is essential for extending the life of the tool and also for preventing accidents and other hazards.

Some people love to use a chainsaw maintenance checklist to make sure everything is fine before they start using their chainsaw.

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How to Maintain a Chainsaw

Basic Steps for Proper Maintenance

Maintaining a chainsaw in proper conditions isn’t too hard after learning some basic maintenance tips.

The most important thing to focus on is to avoid operating a chainsaw that is damaged or improperly assembled.

When you need to make adjustments or get maintenance work done, make sure to stop the engine before proceeding.

Keep The Chain Sharp & Clean

Properly maintained chain brakes are essential for reducing the risk of chainsaw kickbacks, but they tend to wear each time the tool is engaged.

The amount of wear depends on how you use the chainsaw, and under which conditions, but remember that excessive wear will make the chain brake less effective.

So check the chain brake mechanism to tighten and position it in the right order each time you operate the tool.

The chain should not move when the chainsaw is idling, so remember to check the idle speed and make the proper adjustments. For example, if the chain is moving, you should turn down the speed.

The chain should be kept sharp at all times, in order to prevent accidents and inefficient cuts.

When the chain is sharp, all work can be done better and faster. If you feel your chainsaw has become less efficient, it may be time to change the chain or sharpen the chain you already have.

Most people choose an experienced professional for this job because it is easier and affordable, but you can also learn how to do it yourself.

Even if you check the surface you are going to use the chainsaw on, sometimes rocks or other hard items can get in the way of the tool and damage the chain.

That is why it is recommended to invest in at least two sharp chains and change out the one not functioning properly.

Keeping the chain clean is also an important part of its maintenance because preventing wood chip and sawdust buildups can ensure a longer life for your chainsaw.

The chain oil should also be checked regularly and the reservoir should be filled whenever needed.

Also, keep the chain away from grease, dirt, and other substances that may harm the tool.

Periodic professional inspections are also recommended, and you should have them once, twice, or three times a year, depending on the type of usage.

Check The Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are essential components of any chainsaw and need regular cleaning and adjusting.

Loose connections between the ignition wire terminal and the spark plugs terminal can cause a fire. So, avoid testing the ignition system if the ignition wire is removed from the spark plugs.

Instead, use only authorized products to prevent burn injuries and fires. Also, make sure to keep the spark plug clean.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter must be regularly cleaned to remove dust and dirt in order to avoid carburetor malfunctions, starting problems, loss of engine power, unnecessary wear to engine parts, and excessive fuel consumption.

Air filters should be cleaned or replaced each time they get clogged because the efficiency of a chainsaw also depends on proper air intake.

Moreover, dirt and debris buildups as well as dust can lead to improper cooling, and that can make the engine overheat.

After taking off the air filter cover, remove the air filter, and clean the filter by brushing or shaking it. Do not use compressed air or you will damage the filter.

The filter can be cleaned more thoroughly by washing it in water and detergent. When refitting, make sure that the air filter seals tightly against the air filter holder. Let it dry before using.

An air filter that has been in use for a long time cannot be cleaned completely and should be replaced.

Chainsaws can be equipped with different types of air filters according to working conditions, weather, season, etc.

How to Store a Chainsaw

Ensuring proper storage conditions for your chainsaw is just as important as keeping it clean and having it checked regularly.

If you don’t use a chainsaw for more than a month, store it to prevent dust and dirt accumulations.

Proper storage is essential for maintaining this tool. So, you will have to get it ready for those down months.

First, make sure to empty the fuel tank, drain the oil, and remove the chain for separate storage.

You can get rid of the remaining fuel by running the saw until it stops.

Choose a covered container, fill it with oil, and store the chain in it until further use.

Then, thoroughly clean the rest of the saw before storing it. Don’t forget to lock the place where you store the chainsaw so that children cannot reach it.

This is it, folks. I really hope you’ve learned how to maintain a chainsaw properly and how to take care of a chainsaw.

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